Deforestation of the Rainforests

This model demonstrates some of the factors that contribute to the deforestation of rainforests. Use the instructions to create a double-sided card model approximately A5 in size.  

这个模型展示了一些造成热带雨林被破坏的原因。 使用操作说明,制作一个约A5大小的双面卡片模型。

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This model helps understand some of the factors contributing to deforestation and some of the ways these can be tackled. The model can be made by printing the first three sheets onto A4 card (around 250gsm) . The model is a little tricky to make but with patience you should be able to manage it. After assembly, the different illustrations can be coloured in as shown.         


Design: Flett Bertram     

Additional Editing and Translation: Ben Hughes and Shao Meihan 邵美涵

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