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This model demonstrates some of the factors that contribute to the deforestation of rainforests.



This model shows the perpetual cycle of rainwater and nutrients in a rainforest ecosystem.



This model shows basic brain anatomy in increasing levels of detail - from overall brain physiology to the structure of a neurone and the function of a synapse

大脑解剖和功能 该模型显示了基本的大脑解剖结构,增加了细节水平-从整体大脑生理学到神经元的结构,然后是突触。


This model demonstrates how sound waves are transmitted through the outer ear and converted into nerve impulses through the action of the tympanic membrane, the ossicles and the cochlea.



This model shows the fossilisation process of a Triceratops skeleton in sedimentary rock such as limestone or sandstone.



This is a model of a magnet passing through an induction coil. It demonstrates Faraday's law of induction, Lenz's law and the Fleming Right Hand Rule.



This model demonstrates the process of respiration and deglutition, focusing on the role of the epiglottis.



This model demonstrates the dual processes of photosynthesis and respiration in plants.



This model demonstrates the orbit of the earth around the sun (1 year) and how this creates the seasons



This model shows the main terrain boundaries of China according to land mass and altitute

中国地势的三大阶梯 中国地势西高东低呈阶梯状分布特点,可以 分为三级阶梯。


This model shows the crank, piston and valve configuration of a simple steam engine



This model shows the basic operation of a four stroke internal combustion engine. It is configured as a cyclical tetraflexagon.

该模型显示了四冲程内燃机的基本操作。 它被配置为一个周期性的四曲面。


This is a "fold-in" which highlights the shift in production at the end of the Spring and Autumn Periods to the period known as the Warring States. Like other models it is available in both Chinese and English versions.



This model demonstrates the relationship between resistance, current and voltage in both serial and parallel - a relationship governed by Ohm's Law


China's climate is highly diverse. This model shows the distribution of different climatic zones within the country. As with all models, it is available in both English and Chinese.

中国的气候非常多样化。 该模型显示了该国境内不同气候带的分布情况。

This model shows the distribution of precipitation within China. As with all models, it is available in both English and Chinese.


This model shows the five main temperature zones in China from north to south. As with all models, it is available in both English and Chinese.