Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine

This model shows the basic operation of a four stroke internal combustion engine. It is configured as a cyclical tetraflexagon.

该模型显示了四冲程内燃机的基本操作。 它被配置为一个周期性的四曲面。

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This is quite a complex model to make but not difficult if you follow the instructions carefully. Unlike other models, the engine parts are not individually modelled in card. The tetraflexagon is a mathmatical model which allows the four strokes to be cycled endlessly.

这是一个相当复杂的模型,但如果你仔细按照说明并不困难。 不同于其他型号,发动机部件不单独建模卡。 Tetraflexagon是一个数学模型,它允许四个笔画无休止地循环。

 Design: Ben Hughes.

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